Posted by  admin  Sep 8, 2014

Apache Gold Golf Resort

Hello Everyone, Roger & Joe here,

Time to get those sticks out of the garage, clean them up and join a scramble foursome at the Apache Gold Golf Resort with the Miami High School 50 YEAR REUNION classmates and guests. So you haven't golfed for awhile or you think your game is not up to PAR; the reunion golf committee wants you to come out and have fun and not worry about the score. The plan is to play a BEST BALL golf game - meaning the foursome will hit from the best ball every time. So if you or the three classmates hit a lousy shot, the four of you will hit from the best lousy shot and move on. This is a time to have fun, share stories and enjoy the outdoors.

Guest are welcomed to play and tee off will be Friday, October 17th at approximately 11am. This will give everyone enough time to finish the 18, have some dinner, have a few suds at the watering hole and/or attend the MHS football game that evening. If you have friends in town or have friends who want to drive to Miami for the day and play golf let them know to join you. .


  • $40.00 for 18 holes
  • $20.00 for 9 holes
  • $20.00 for 18 holes with a SW Pass - Apache Gold is out of the SW Pass

You would need to go on line or at another golf course that offers the Pass
if you desire to purchase one.

Riders Only: A friend, spouse, significant other, etc., who wants to ride along and enjoy the high desert scenery along with a visit with your friends.

  • $20.00 for 18 holes
  • $10.00 for 9 holes

Bring your friends and enjoy a round of golf at Apache Gold.

Current Sign-Ups

  • Ray Arrona
  • Robert Avila
  • Robert Burns
  • Cecil Evans
  • Roger Evans
  • Jerry Fountain
  • Jon Klesner
  • Tony Magana
  • Kathi Marshall
  • Joe Priniski
  • Alex Guerra
  • Mike Guerra
  • Larry Casoni

Contact Roger Evans, or Joe Priniski, for questions or thoughts.